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Interdisciplinary Center for Space Studies

The Interdisciplinary Center for Space Studies (CIEE in its Spanish acronym) is focused on the promotion and realization of scientific research activities as well as the development of human resources regarding law, politics and space economy.






Promote the education of human resources to work in the space field, linking social sciences, law, politics and space economics, among others.

Promote the integration between the public sector, companies and academic institutions, to exchange acquired knowledge and ongoing research, and provide technical assistance.

Promote activities to forge links with universities and third sector organizations. At the same time, we intend to participate in international cooperation initiatives where space activity is the main focus of national or foreign policies, or at least a key part of them.

To make available the interdisciplinary academic productions made, in order to accompany the formulation of public policies on priority issues for the spatial agenda of our country and the region. In turn, the CIEE will carry out research and analysis of global trends and national and international legislation on space-related matters.

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