The CIEE offers an environment for education, debate and reflection on space activities, through the organization of different educational programs such as conferences, seminars, courses, professional visits and all other training and capacity building activiti
The following programs are currently available:

Seminar for Teachers
It is an intensive seminar for professors of the Law and Social Sciences Department of the UNLP. “Law and Spatial Policy”, is a training activity that will be taught in person, at the headquarters of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences of the National University of La Plata.
Duaration: 5 weeks, August-September 2023
Mode: Presential UNLP

Space Law and Policy (A1039)
Elective subject of the Aerospace Engineering course of the UNLP.
The objective of the course is to provide students with the knowledge necessary for a proper understanding of the various international and national regulations and mechanisms related to space activity.
To provide an introduction to international relations and space policy. At the same time, to introduce students to new debates on the nature and use of the geostationary orbit, frequencies, the status of space debris and the commercial use of outer space.
Duration: 5 months, August-December 2023
Mode: Presential UNLP