Centro Interdisciplinario de Estudios Espaciales

The Interdisciplinary Center for Space Studies (CIEE in its Spanish acronym) is focused on
the promotion and realization of scientific research activities as well as the development
of human resources regarding law, politics and space economy.

Build an environment of formation, debate and reflection about space activities, through the organization of conferences, seminaries, courses and other educational instances.

Promote interdisciplinary scientific research that contributes to the advancement of knowledge on the subject.

Track global trends and national and international legislative developments in space.

To provide technical assistance to governmental and non-governmental organizations in the formulation of public policies on priority issues for the spatial agenda of our country and the region.

Promote integration between the public sector, companies and academic institutions for knowledge transfer, research and/or technical assistance.

The advancement of the space industry represents a valuable opportunity for the international commercialization of high added value products, which leads to the generation foreign exchange. This makes it necessary to create local capacities able to contribute and accompany said progress with legal and economic analyses.

The current international context contains new agents related to space activities that must be considered.

Implement the dispositions set out on the National Space Plan 2023-2032 regarding space law capacities.

The need for creating national capacities regarding space law and space politics was acknowledged by the UN in the Third Conference of UNISPACE III.